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ClubK4C is not just an online web kids’ club but a multi-faceted ministry set to reach children all over the world with the good news that God loves them and has made his power available to them.

ClubK4C is also developing community network of the club and we are looking for resource partners who will establish these mentoring clubs through out the globe

Kids can link in from all over the world can share their personal hardships & triumphs and pray for each other.

Club K4C recognise the ministry of Jesus which says to don’t stop the little children from coming to Him for such is the kingdom of God

We recognizes this embraces children of every age as John the apostle calls us all children and beloved of God

Please help us in our mission

If you have a comments or concerns or idea how we can make this site better for  children please let us know.

Again where as Club K4C  target is the tween ages of 8-12 our mission is to reach kids of all ages. Much of our programming can be suitable for a younger audience of 5-7 and older teen audience of 13 and up (you decide)

"Reaching And Impacting Kids All Over the World
Inspiring And Empowering Them To Be All God Called Them To Be”

Or Mission
[Doctrinal Statement (simple version)]

Reaching children all over the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ through drama, music, dance,  knowledge of God while building character, integrity, honor, faith, praise , godly reverence - empowering those children to make a positive and eternal difference in their lives, family, community and homes.

Then presenting these children to God through prayer.
We believe that God Almighty is Creator of all things in heaven and earth

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant infallible Word of God
We believe (as disclosed in the bible) that mankind  (through the first man Adam and subsequently through all men's actions) rebelled against God and was subjected to eternal damnation and separation from God the Father

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that salvation comes through Him alone

We believe that salvation is accessed through total belief in what Jesus did though His death, and bodily resurrection as God’s required payment for the sins of all mankind

We believe that this Jesus-Savior of the world is coming back as promised as King of kings, Lord of All, and judge of the living & dead

We believe that God is still working intimately & intricately in the lives of mankind and calling all to repentance of sin and reception of His great  unlimited love.

  Club K4C in a nondenominational children ministry with a mission to reach children all over the world with a message of hope, power, love, and joy which we believe can only (in fullness) come from a relationship with Jesus Christ and faith and trust in Him. Whereas we are a Christian ministry, our message is for children of all cultures and creeds.

    We believe that God has a universal family all over the world in which children can become a part. The Bible speaks of a young boy who brought his lowly lunch to Jesus who was preaching to a large crowd of people (5000 men and their families). At the end of the three day meetings the people were so hungry they would have fainted from lack of food on the way home. Jesus asked his twelve leaders to feed the people. However, there wasn’t anywhere to buy food and the only food in the crowd was that of the boy (two fish and five loaves of bread).

     When the boy unselfishly gave what he had to Jesus, the Master gave thanks and this seemingly insignificant meal of the child miraculously fed the whole multitude plus leftovers. What if this child’s contribution had been pushed aside and treated valueless amongst so many? Jesus recognized the contribution. To think what impact it had on that child. I believe it changed his life forever.

    We at Club K4C desire to do the same as we encourage children to see the value of their life in the sight of God and understand he has a purpose for them that can potential reach the multitudes.

    Club K4C is set to bring a positive message to children all over the world that they are somebody is the sight of God and He has a plan for their lives. It is our goal to reach children regardless of their age, culture or social economic situation and let them know that with faith and trust in God they can stand up and make a difference in the world, community, neighborhood, school and family.

     The advertising world and the media has used this principle taken from the bible for years. If you train a child while he is young -you in essence have a customer for life” (paraphrased from Proverbs 22:6). Therefore, a lot of adult product advertisement is marketed to children, with business hoping to raise a life time customer to their product. Its God’s commandments (and principles) that are suppose to be instilled in children at youth.

     God commandments are filled with life sustaining virtue including the valuing of life, the worship of the one greater than ourselves (God), Respect and honor of others, spiritual and moral characters. Jesus Christ said the greatest commandment was to love (God first and then others).

The principle of honor and respect of parents and authorities has been severely challenged in this time. Through Club K4C children/youth are taught that there is somebody greater themselves that is there for them and he (God) will always be there for them no matter how tough the times or situations.

      The bible says that teaching God’s word to our children is one of the factors that will cause a manifestation of heaven on earth. We believe that one of the reasons behind the unrest in our society-worldwide is because of the failure of letting children know that God has a positive heavenly plan for their life.

     So if listening to Lazurus Lion and the rest of the Club K4C’s cast (& members )can helped to allow some heaven in our homes and neighborhoods lets all encourage children / youth to join the club.

Club K4C Vision (amplified)

Is an interactive kids club reaching children of all ages, backgrounds, cultures (and their families) throughout the world via the internet, stage & television, books, and other products with an encouraging, “I can do all things through Christ” message, demonstrating God’s Love first and God’s Love in action. Club K4C has no denominational affiliation. The invitation is to children of all backgrounds.

Audience / Target
• Children all over the world
• All races
• All economic conditions
• To let children know they can make it with God
• To let children know that they have a roar in them

Age level\
• Primary – Tweens 8-13 • Secondary – children 5-8
• Stretch – teens / young adults

• To teach children the worship of God
• To teach children the Word of God
• To teach children honor of authorities
• To teach children the love of God and neighbor
• To teach children the 11 commandments

For more information and to contact us email us at [email protected] or write us at Club K4C c/o TGCpublications PO Box 193 Sicklerville NJ 08081

Club K4C has no denominational affiliation. Club K4C believes to be a trans denominational, multicultural kids club, just a segment of the body of Christ, and part of the ministry of Jesus Christ through the earth in the last days of the dispensation of grace.

Club K4C believes the full council of the Holy Bible. We believe thta Salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone by what He did through his death on the cross, his burial and bodily resurrection. Club K4C believes with salvation comes not only eternal security, but present day and eternal, intimate fellowship with God as the Heavenly Father. We believe that every person (man, woman, boy or girl) has been called to this fellowship known as worship.

Club K4C is founded and owned by The Glory Cloud publications and Min. Terrence Clark Copyright 2003-2011

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